About us

Gearchem is a company in the chemical industry specializing in the production, research and development of process fluids for the metalworking industry; it has reached its high level of efficiency and quality thanks to its high-tech facilities. Its production site in Castello d'Argile (in the province of Bologna) was conceived as a synthesis of innovative solutions. Its focus on workplace safety, energy savings and eco-compatibility has made GearChem a dynamic company that is perfectly integrated with the territory.

The plant design's functional conception, aimed at combining versatility and careful production flow management, guarantees maximum efficiency with the highest quality output for each technology produced. Its internal laboratory of over 100 square metres provides customers with a guarantee for timely technical assistance, customised from time to time as needed. The laboratory is also integrated with the research and development department, a generator of continuous innovation able to offer avant-garde solutions as well as the thorough quality control of incoming raw materials and finished outgoing products.

Our technical support offer is completed by the customer service department with its laboratories and provision of direct field activities, support and advice in the selection and management of process fluids.

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